Irish Landmark Trust (EUR)

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We share the responsibility 

Over the past two decades, we’ve conserved and taken care of 31 quirky, eccentric, and distinctive buildings across Ireland. Irish Landmark uses only the best artisans, builders and craftspeople, and we give them scope to revive traditional skills that might otherwise be lost.

Conservation projects like ours can lift the morale of communities, and the tourist revenue from Irish Landmark guests brings cash infusions and new energy to these areas. Keeping the buildings truly relevant means offering the romance of a medieval spiral staircase, along with a modern kitchen and a shower that works.

Public and private owners typically agree to let us take properties on 50-year leases that allow us to make them suitable for holiday accommodation. Once a lease expires, the property reverts to the owner.

The Irish Landmark community

It might not feel like your holiday is anything but a relaxing indulgence, but when you stay in an Irish Landmark property, you’re part of a community that’s keeping heritage alive.

Irish Landmark subscribes to best practice in our conservation principles, and we employ conservation architects who do the same. Real survival involves a balance of conservation and adaptation, so we aim to find that balance of modern convenience without compromise to the original internal spaces of a building.

A stay in an Irish Landmark property is memorable, comfortable, and elegant without any manufactured lifestyle gimmicks. Our trustees and funders, along with our growing network of Irish Landmarkers, help us fulfill our aims as an educational charity, and as leaders in conservation practices. Together we live our ethos to share both our heritage and the responsibility to be its careful and caring stewards.