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Steeped in history and graced with magnificent seaside cliffs, Donegal town is a bustling and vibrant market community. The traditional Irish language of Gaelic is still spoken throughout much of the county of Dun an nGall meaning ‘Fortress of foreigners’. Founded by Vikings, Donegal is home to approximately 147,000 people living within its 1,865 square miles and has maintained much of its original culture for centuries.

Donegal visitors have no shortage of things to do. With more than 9,000 years of visible history, holiday homes in Donegal are sure to be located near ancient monasteries or village settlements. Visitors can tour forts that housed the High Kings of Ulster long before the arrival of Christianity in Ireland. Those seeking an authentic Irish cultural experience can find it in the county’s Gaeltacht areas in which native Irish is still spoken. Donegal abounds with top-notch golf courses. With its many beaches, the county is a haven for water sports such as water skiing and surfing.  A visit to the recently restored Donegal Castle offers guests a glimpse of life in a structure built between the 15th and 17th centuries. 

Visitors will find a wide selection of holiday homes in Donegal, ranging from cosy seaside cottages to manor houses. Chalets, bungalows, apartments, and farmhouses are also available throughout the county. A stay in these well-appointed holiday rentals in charming towns such as Bundoran will be a memorable part of a trip to Donegal, while guests enjoy the county’s rich history, spectacular coastline and quaint towns, this is a perfect location to experience a holiday home in Ireland.

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Leitrim is a traditional Irish county located 2 hours from Dublin Ireland. It’s located inside the province of Connaught and was named after the town of Leitrim. It is the 26th largest county in Ireland and is one of the smallest in terms of population. Leitrim is known for its hilly landscape and mountainous region. Leitrim is an ideal location to base your holiday home as it is known for being a peaceful and tranquil county, and also enjoys uninterrupted views of natural beauty in the area. Visitors to the region enjoy having holiday cottage in Leitrim because it is filled will lovely hills, rivers, mountains, lakes and valleys. It is seen as a romantic getaway that is calm and peaceful. Leitrim has scenic views of the River Shannon as well as picturesque views of the country side. 

If you are looking for a holiday home in the county of Leitrim there are several outlets of entertainment that you will be able to partake in. The entertainment aspect of Leitrim consists of traditional Irish music which is often performed in an assortment of pubs and clubs throughout the county. People thrive in taking part of the traditional Irish step dancing and enjoy listening or playing instruments. Leitrim has an active nightlife and lots of outdoor activity. There are artists, theatre and a certain buzz of activity in the air. Tourists are also able to rent a boat and travel up the Shannon River. This tour allows for a picturesque view of Leitrim while letting you relax on the water. 

Some people believe that holiday homes in Leitrim are amongst the most unexplored in all of Ireland. Leitrim is famous for its beautiful country atmosphere and scenic views of the rivers, waterfalls, green mountains and valleys. The natives of this land are famous for their ability to story tell, sing, eat traditional Irish music and dance.

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County Sligo, located within the province of Connaught, lies in the North West of Ireland. The splendour and diversity of the scenery in Sligo was an inspiration to the poet William Butler Yeats who is buried at the base of the landmark mountain known as Ben Bulben. The serene lakes of Sligo with their forested islands are a sight to behold. In contrast to the calm lake waters and peacefully winding rivers, is the rough terrain of the rugged uplands. With a population of around 61,000, County Sligo is known as “Yeats Country” and is popular for its rich Irish history. County Sligo got its name from the town of Sligo and literally translated means “the place of shells.”

The grand mountains and coastal beaches of Sligo make it popular with tourists and backpackers. Surfers can hit the Atlantic waves on some of the best surfing beaches around Ireland such as: Strandhill, Rosses Point, and Inishcrone. In the town of Carrowmore, tourists can visit the largest megalithic cemetery in Ireland. Golf courses here offer another picturesque setting with their emerald green grasses. A family wishing to find a holiday home in Sligo will find a range of activities to keep them busy – horseback riding, golfing, walking, cycling, fishing, and water sports. The town of Sligo also offers an entertaining selection of bars, restaurants, theatres, and art galleries.

With its striking landscapes and variety of activities, County Sligo makes the perfect place for a holiday. An assortment of holiday homes in Sligo can be found. Whether a romantic getaway is in order, or a holiday with the entire family, Sligo has it all. From a cosy cottage to a group holiday home, one is sure to find the exact accommodations needed. Sligo is rich with Irish history and heritage making it an ideal location for those who wish to learn more about the Emerald Isle.

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