Booking Protect

Refund protection now offered on

Offering 100% refund protection on bookings to give complete peace of mind to guests.

Booking Protect refund protection provides guests with a guarantee that enables them to apply for a refund should they have to cancel their holiday for pre-defined, unforeseen reasons beyond their control.

This facility has been applied to the lgsc logo site. View full terms and conditions.

All admin is handled by Booking Protect so, in the event of a refund, guests needs to contact them not LetsGo.


Benefits to guests


The benefits to guests are obvious. Anything from illness to bad weather can give them good reason to have to cancel their holiday plans. And, refund protection means they won’t be out of pocket if this happens. Plus:

Simple sales process.

  • Comprehensive refund protection of up to £1,500 per person.
  • The entire booking value is covered (inclusive of all options and extras).

If you have your own SuperControl account and would like to start offering your guests booking protection, log in to your SuperControl account and go to Integrations > Booking Protect to set up the integration.